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catamaran. complete bay area news coverage starts right now. had is the 10:00 on ktvu channel 2. at 5:10 plm deputies arrested leila's 12-year-old brother at the substation and charged him with homicide. >> late news out of calaveras county where the 12-year-old brother is under arrest, charge merchandise her death. good evening i'll ken wayne, heather holmes is off tonight. a developing story tonight, a stunning ain-depth from the calaveras county sheriff's office, the 12-year-old brother of leila fowler has been arrested and charged with murder for the young girl's
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death sheriff 'oles say the homicide case is still an active investigation. ktvu's debora villone is live in valley springs. >> reporter: yes, we got this news a little over two hours ago. and we just got to the home where with leila fowler and her brother lived with her father and their stepmother. no one is here tonight in the wake of this stunning development. >> citizens calaveras county can sleep a little better tonight. >> reporter: after 15 days an arrest, leila fowler's bronco, four years older. brother who claimed he found her, stabbed to death and saw a exaggerly haired man running away from their house this is still an active investigation. we know you may have many questions. >> reporter: questions, such as why the brother would do it? and why it took so long to arrest him? after biela's killing he came to the vigil, his face downcast, being comforted by
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liz family. >> i want to thank the entire community and all of our family and friends for the overwhelming amount of support you have given my family, and will never be forgotten. thank you. >> reporter: in the days that followed, inconsistencies, a neighbor recanted her story of seeing a suspicious story, known sex- offenders were ruled out and resident were told that the killer was believed to still be close, but they were not in danger and the sheriffs batted away questions about the brother even as the fbi searched nearby ponds and tested knives taken from the fav's home. >> we have put over 2,000 hours into this investigation to provide leila fowler's family with answers in her death. >> reporter: that answer, her brother's arrest, will only add to the family's hear break and the community's confusion. >> i want to thank the citizens
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of calaveras county. >> reporter: leila fowler was laid to rest anyway private funeral on tuesday, her brother was arrested at the shev's substation in valley springs about 5:00 tonight. how he will be tried as a juvenile or an adult for the homicide is a question now for the district attorney, but again the home here tonight is dark with a sheriffs guard posted outside. reporting live in calaveras county, debora villalon ktvu channel 2 news. more details, leila fowler was fatally stabbed on april 27th. her 12-year-old brother told authorities he found her oddy and said a tall map with long gray hair wasip truder. on may 2nd authorities were analyzing several knives found at fowler home to see if one
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might be the murder weapon wan tonight authorities announced that they arrested leila's 12- year-old brother and charged him with home. you can go to and click on "bay area" news tab. we new details on a deadly shooting by on concord police officer in antioch. the shooting happened on buchanan road near barcelona central. concord police say one of their officer was trying to serve a warrant outside of the suspect's antioch home whether the suspect got into the pick- up truck and say the pick-up truck rammed into an occupied police car and the suspect bolted from the vehicle. >> he jumped out and i told my kids to get done and the second i turned away, they just started shooting and i didn't even look back and we just called to the back scary, crazy. >> neighbors say burn was in
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his 20s and lived with her girlfriend and her child upbearsona discipline a man was seriously in. bullets hit nearby cars a liquor store and home. the victim's name has not been released and opolice say they have not made any arrests. >> almost 100 law enforcement officers are now canvassing parts of the morning coast for a man accused killing his family. 45 -year-old shane miller is wanted for shooting his wife and daughters he is to be in humboldt county. investigators believe miller is somewhere in the long coast area. authorities say miller is very familiar with that area. pacifica police have released two sketch aste look for a man would beat and
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seriously injured a driver following a car two weeks ago. police say that money depicted in this exempt hit a skateboarder at fairmont shopping center. the victim and suspect were reportedly involved in a crash on highway 3, went to the shopping center to exchange information. police released a sketch of a woman that they say was a passenger in the suspect's car. a traffic accident in brentwood this afternoon left four people, including two children seriously injured at intersection of walnut boulevard and paine avenue of highway patrol says the pick-up truck overturned. an adult and child in the other car involved were also hospitalized. occupy protzeers are settling in for the net on a plot of land in the east bay that's been the site of confrontation in the past. >> persons entering or
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remaining on this property without the permission of the regents of the university of california are trespassing. >> every 30 minutes police were notifying the group that they are trespassing on the property known as the gill tract. more than 50 people entered the property at san pablo avenue near monroe street after noon today, bringing plants and animals for farming. >> it's an important piece of land, you know, that could be a great agricultural resource for the east bay. >> this area is slated for a multiuse development site. both for senior housing as well as for a grocery store. >> tonight the protesters tell us that they have not been forced to leave. they say they will camp on the property at least tonight and continue to farm the land tomorrow. it was almost a year ago when uc police officers killed out an occupying
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encampment. may 14th police arrested nine protesters who were camping out and planting crops on the property. one of the highest-ranking women in american professional sports resigned as ceo of the oakland raiders today. amy trask, had been with the team for 25 seasons. sports illustrated report has her resignation is not a surprise, because owner mark davis had told trask she would have "a subordinate role under his ownership." trask released a statement saying is, "having honor a commitment that i made to effectuate a smooth transition and transfer of control, i no longer wish to remain with the organization." and the raiders said, "the raiderswir her the very best in her future endeavors." >> reporter: there are reports that the owners of the sacramento kings may refuse to sell to the team that wishes to keep the team in sacramento. maloof brothers say if they dea
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have a back-up plan. the back-up plan involves mohave's continuing to operate the franchise, but selling 20% of the team to the seattle group. nba relocation committee is planning to reevaluate seattle's offer and seldomming another meeting ahead of next week's full ownership meeting. to our continuing coverage of the fatal capsizing of the america's cup catamaran. the man in charge of the event says he expects the race to go ahead this summer. steven barkley will make the final decision after hearing the internal review. 36-year-old crew member andrew simpson died thur when the artemis team's catamaran capsized and simpson was trapped under the vessel engineers are looking at possible structural damage on the boat. this weekend a fatal accident is on the minds of
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people who enjoy watersports on bay. ktvu's jade hernandez is live with that part of the story. >> ken, this week's tragedy was till still on the minds of whose to braved foggy bay conditions this afternoon. this is usually what san francisco beach weather looks like, recent news of art vermis' capsized catamaran continued to surface. >> those are pretty amazing sailors and we were certainly sad, it's a loss to sailing community. >> reporter: gusty conditions attracted white a few wind surfers, but winds are a constant force to reckon with? >> it's just really windy on the bay and as a windsurfer, my sail is pretty small and it's a little crazy out there on a tiny sail and i can only imagine what a 70', you know,
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america's cup boat feels like. >> reporter: this windsurf's goal is to put ads on. >> the u.s. coast guard did not put extra patrols in the water, but we saw a san francisco police boat at fort mason this afternoon. because some indulgences could be had without braving chilly waters we saw others taking a saferrer approach to enjoying the bay had00. as ken mentioned earlier, preliminary investigations point to faulty construction or engineering of the catamaran that capsized earlier this week. san francisco jade hernandez, ktvu channel 2 news. hundreds of at&t park concession workers vote to authorize a strike. issues at center of the
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disputes. plus another embarrassment for the irs, the new information that contradicts statements that the agency made about targeting tea party groups. and the u.s. attorney general speaks to berkeley law counties. what he told student as dozens people protested outside of the ceremony. why shop t.j.maxx and marshalls? one. you get all the awesome brand names. two. you get them for less than department stores, and that's awesome. three. she'll think you look stylish and awesome. four. you'll actually be awesome. which is awesome. t.j.maxx and marshalls. two awesome ways to score. is more fun than ever. sees better than ever. ♪ charges faster.
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and will charge. cool. and heat. from your phone. fact: leaf never needs gas. ever. good for the world. built in america. now, leaf's an easier choice than ever. ♪ shop at ♪ . some concession workers at at&t park voted today to authorize a strike. 97% voted in favor, even as
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more negtions are sche knod e wr noelle walker. >> reporter: there is the at&t park you see on the field. and the at&t park that you don't see, in the bowels of the stadium and concession workers for food contract center plate are cooking in kitsapen and delivering food to your seat, but that seat-side service could stop. >> because i want better wages and everybody here needs better wages. >> workers passed ballots today for a proposed strike, local 2 represents 800 concessionaires at at&t park who say they haven't had a raise in three years while the giants have increased in value. >> we're not asking for a cattle, we're just asking to be able to take care of our families. >> reporter: workers want the giants to take a smaller portion of their profit and want job security with the team. >> it's actually not that hard. the giants have to be wanting to do and center plate has to be willing to push for it. >> they have had five discussion thus far and are
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having a sixth discussion next week and look forward to resolving this at the bargaining table and nowhere else. >> reporter: if you are one of those who can't imagine a game without buying some of these, that could be in jeopardy, too although some vendor are in dif other unions would honory strike. e between center plate and union workers a we don't know when the union might strike, but it won't be tomorrow and they don't want to do that to anyone on mother's day. >> well, the golden state warriors will look to even up their series tomorrow afternoon at oracle arena. our cameras were at practice while the players prepared for game 4, the san antonio spurs have a 2-1 lead in the best-of- seven series. whether or not warriors staff stephen
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curry will be a good time diction tomorrow. oakland's latest interim police chief is wrapping up his first full day on the job. it comes a turlentz week that saw former chief howard jordan resign and his replacement is he step asid. sean whent was premoated to sergeant in 2003 and has been working in internal affairs since 2005. oakland's mayor says the city will launch a nationwide search for a new police heave. napa police have launched an investigation after a woman was found dead in her swimming pool this morning. the 38-year-old catherine perata because found by family member as her home on chill brook court the she as pro announced dead at scene. police have not said whether the death is suspicious. an autopsy is set for monday. san francisco police are looking for a woman what hasn't been seen in more than a week. relatives say marie dwyer was
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seen friday may 3rd at 3rd street and rivera avenue. her family says dwyer has an unusual walk due to a previous car accident and says she may be telling people she is "newly homeless.". a classic car show in the east bay raised money for high school students and recalled the memory of a hit-and-run victim. during the past 12 years the event has raised more than $100,000. randy devecchi, the brother of the crash victim says money goes to support sports and athletics at the school. >> we're just trying to keep the schools off the streets and leaving them in the gyms, on the court and on the field and it's a great day for the whole entire family to come and he enjoy these beautiful cars. >> in 1998 a hit-and-run driver killed rick devecchi. medical responders serving san diego report
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that they are responding to emergency childbirths almost every other day at-boarder last year responders handled 160 births at the san ysidro crossing. immigration activists say the number of births is small considering it's the world's busiest point of entry. tighter security at the border is leading to a labor shortage in the central valley and increase in wages. officials say fewer people are entering the u.s. to work in the fields and the sacramento bee reports that farmers are offering from $1 to $1.50 more per hour. president obama honored america's top cops today, thank youing them for their courage notice face unknown dangers. >> just a few weeks ago,
10:19 pm
obviously in boston, our entire country saw once again the strong stuff that these men and women in uniform are made. police officers, first- responders, who were running towards explosions, not knowing if there was something more on the way. >> mr. obama called on washington to support police with resources, equipment and what he called "commonsense gun measures." officers from los angeles were among those who attended today's award ceremony at white house. new information accuse the internal revenue service of targeting conservative groups earlier than previousy thought. yesterday the irs apologized for election-year reviews that asked for tea party patriots in nirnames. they found that the targeting happened as early as june, 2011 and this contradicts statements to congress by the former head of the irs. irs workers screened the groups to test their status as charities.
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uc boy, law students heard from the top law enforcement officer in the nation during their graduation ceremonies. attorney general eric holder spoke to the class of 201ust . fore they received theplomir he praised graduates for their diversity and activism during law school. >> you have alr bto make a difference and have a positive impact far beyond this beautiful campus. from protesting tuition increases across the state, to rallying support for same-sex marriage. [ applause ] the activism continued outside with medical marijuana advocates calling for holder and the department of justice to end the so-called war on cannabis. the u.s. attorney told ktvu that the feders focus on dispensaries close to schools. new details tonight's of an amazing story of survival in bangladesh. plus, in news of in pakistan.
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what happened merchant country that hasn't happened in decades? oj simpson heads back to court. why the infamous former football star thinks he should be released from prison? warmer temperatures across the entire bay area, but the fog is on the increase right now. coming up where the fog will be first thing tomorrow morning and the temperature change you can expect for your mother's day?
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wigan we have new details tonight about the amazing survival of a young woman rescued from a collapsed factory in
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bangladesh. 19-year-old live more than two week under the rubble. she drank rainwater and scavenged food from lunchboxes. rescuers pulled her out from a pocket of space, large enough for her to stand up in. doctors say she is dehydratrated, but has no major injuriesed. officials vowed that they will not stop searching until every person is found. >> in other news of the world, in pakistan celebrations are going on after an historic election. for the first time in decades the government has changed hands without involvement by the military. young people danced in the streets tonight, as former prime minister nawaz sharif claimed victory. bombings and acas it killed 29 people in all. >> tuckey is blaming groups tied to syria's military for bombs that
10:25 pm
exploded in a town near the syrian border. turkey has offered support rents and providing shelter for refugees. and in havana, gay-rights supporters celebrated anti-home phobia day. before raul castro replace his brother fidel as president, parades were not allowed. mariela castro is an activist. football legend and notorious murder defendant oj simpson returns to court to ask for a new trial on his armed robby charges. is he childrenly serving time many a nevada prison, found guilty in 2008 for stealing
10:26 pm
sports memorabilia. 1995 he was cleared of murder charges stemming from the killing of his ex-wife nicole. on monday i will claim his robbery conviction was the result of an incompetent lawyer. experts say normally that felons don't receive new trials those grounds, but nothing is certain with simpson. simpson is 56-year-old and el gill for paroleoo in five years. britain's prince harry helped to kick off the warrior games in colorado today. the 6-day event is taking place at olympic training center in colorado springs. more than 250 wounded, ill and injured servicemen and women from the u.s. and great britain will compete. the prince talked to competitors and even got in a game of sit-down volleyball, played by athletes who have lost their lower limbs. the daughter of cleveland support ariel castro speaks
10:27 pm
out. >> i could never forgive him. i could never forgive him. >> act of violence that she says she witnessed at hands her passenger the game talk about the cat's eou how viral video and one big wall added up to a feline festival like none other in the east bay? goodnight.
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thanks, olivia. thank you. so you can make a payment from your cell to almost anyone's phone or email. (speaking french) so you can express your gratitude... in the moment. chase quickpay. so you can.
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now to our continuing coverage of the cleveland kidnapping case the suspect's daughter is now talking about the allegations be her father who is accused holding three women captive in his home for a decade. >> i have no sympathy, he was just another person who has lied and deceived and manipulated people and i could never forgive him. i could never forgive him. >> ace gregg says, "he is dead to me."
10:30 pm
she says she had been close to oher father ariel castro, but did witness him beaing her mother several tiles a spokesman for the victim is expected to release a fatality to reporters tomorrow morning. women have now hired lawyers as donations continue to pour in to a charitable fund. katy utehs with more on the investigation and the allegations against the suspect. >> reporter: the fbi nailed shut today an abandoned property next to the home where three cleveland women and a child were held captoy for a decade. investigators removed evidence from that house and the home of ariel castros in what prosecutors described as a liftedral house of horrors. >> while in captivity, they were repeatedly beat and restrained and sexually assaulted. >> castro faces kidnapping and rape charge and may even file
10:31 pm
murder charges. police report say that michele knight became pregnant five time and castro alongly beat and starved her until she miscarried. >> well, he would come back to me, upset. >> reporter: he says castro would try to dance with women and often he was rejected. >> mostly every time he would come back, very mad, because they didn't want to dance with him element meanwhile cleveland's deputy chov says the department didn't overlook castro's house. >> we have searched and searched all of our computer dispatch for any assignments to that house, and any other reason that the police were dispatched there. the police did not respond to that location. >> michele night has been released from the hospital, but sources say she has notice reunited with her family meanwhile ariel castro remains in a 9x9 jail cell reportedly on suicide watch. >> back in the bayne some
10:32 pm
highly-trained police dogs showed off their skills in san francisco. san francisco police officer roly canales and k-9 officer pyro, and organize say these police dows stay busy. >> these dogs come out for the parade and sweep the routes routinely before that, if there are visiting dignitaries they sweep places where they will be attending. >> the police and working k-9 foundation raises money for bulletproof vests for the police dogs. a cause close to hearsts of many drew a big crowd berkeley. the annual walk like madd 5k raises money for the mothers against drunk driving. they waked along the bay at cesar chavez park at the berkeley marina. ktvu's john sasaki was master of ceremony. the 2013 amgen tour of
10:33 pm
california kicks off tomorrow. this is video from last year's race. this year's tour begins in escondido in san diego county. tomorrow morning it ends a week from tomorrow here in the bay area. in fact, the final stage starts at san francisco's marina green and ends in santa rosa. dutch cyclist robert gesink won last years' tour of california. bottle rock festival in napa is wrapping and after the set by the kings of leon. the shins were among last night's performers. organizers have not released sales figure, but they expected about 35,000 people today to enjoy music by more than a dozen band on three stages along with a lot of napa wine and food. cake and train are among the bands that will play the final day of the festival tomorrow. our web team has posted a slide show of highlights from bottle rock. can you find under the "images"
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tab on our homepage. uc davis was recently ranked notch 1 in thewold for teaching and research in agriculture and forestry. the q-s world university rankings were released this week. they are prepared by a british firmed considered to be one of the most influential ranging provides are q-s uses four measures to rank universities including the number of research papers published and the number of times that those papers have been cited by oregon researchers. here we go, truly off the wall many uptown oakland today. the acroy bats of bandaloop parented to the music of stray cats on the side of a building none the great wall of oakland. this is all part of the internet cat video festival. cats and kitten were up for adoption and after dark viral cat videos were projected on the wall. organizes are said they were impressed by the turnout.
10:35 pm
>> cat people, because cats stay inside dote really get to meet other cat people and this is one of the only opportunity for that to happen. >> cat people unite. proceeds from the feline festival benefit the east bay spca. causing an uproar and even death threats. the unusual and exotic taco ingredient that has a florida restaurant in some very hot water tonight. and a live look outside at jack london square in oakland. meteorologist mark tamayo will tell you if there is a warm-up in time for mother's day.
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. well most bay area warmed
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up nicely a good 8-15 degree over yesterday's highs, but the fog close to the shoreline, this is the scene looking out towards san francisco bay, 7:30 this evening. you should see the bay bridge in the image, but the folk basically obscuring the view. still the low clouds and fog pushing into bay. it will be a factor as we heed into your sunday morning. as far as temperatures today, 60s coastside and 80s and and 8070s and even 90s. you can see a few high clouds approaching the bay area on top of the fog pushing back into the bay. so partly cloudy skies across the region. and temperatures updated for this 10:00 hour are in the 50s and 60s. you can see antioch one of the warmest spots, 74 degrees and san josi at 61 and some 50s for santa rosa and napa at last check. what is happening we have a layer of warm air above us and as that settles in, that
10:39 pm
compresses the marine layer and net result, dense fog, especially coastside tomorrow morning. with that, driving highway is you may encounter dropoffs of visibilities tomorrow morning with the dense fog in place. but we're expecting the clouds to pull back to near the shoreline for the afternoon showers. overnights lows in the 40s, lots of 50s for san francisco and san josi. for mother's day, clearing skies. it will be warm to hot, the warmest locations inland, once again approaching lower 90s as an area of high pressure builds in, that sinking area is also warping air we still have a bit of an onshore breeze. so the beaches not warming up too much. 60s there for most of the shoreline. inland shots on track to reach the upper 80s to lower 90s for your sunday. our forecast model showing dense fog pushing back into the bay. clear skies inland and into the afternoon showers, more sunshine. we could have a patch or two of
10:40 pm
the fog near parts of shoreline and the warmest locations approaching the red contour 90 degrees. big temperature range by 4:00, mid-60s to the 70s, 80s and a few low 90s towards family and fairfield. downtown lower 70ss bottom requisite for tomorrow, looks great with lots sunshine, temperatures warming back up into the mid-80s, a look ahead at your five-day forecast with your weekend always in view. we're going cool things off by monday and minor changes for tuesday, wednesday and thursday, great news for all the moms tomorrow, lots of sunshine and temperatures, they have a big selections to choose from, 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s. >> sounds good, thank you
10:41 pm
mark. a florida restaurant is no longer sell its controversial lion meet taco after public outcry. taco fusion is known for its unique tacos including shark, ostrich and rattling in a. they added lion tacos and despite the controversy, the restaurant sold 44 tacos. >> an animal that is almost on the extinct list should not be served at a taco place. >> some people were pretty upset ah threats taco fusion decided to take the lion tacos off the menu. coming up an update on warrior's guard stefcurry, will he play in game 4 of the playoffs? sportswrap is next.
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good evening everyone and welcome to it saturday night edition of sportswrap. wins without late evening drama are not a stape of life for the giants. they had two straight wins against the atlanta braves and i big part of the equation today was madison bumgarner. it was junior glove day, meaning that a lot of kids got their first baseball gloves of the pablo sandoval gets hold of a maholm pitch and lines it over the fence, home run no. 5 on the year for sandoval. crawford goes the opposite way and the ball lands fair, posey
10:45 pm
scores from 2nd, it's a double for crawford and a 2-0 giant's lead. it was just 2-1 when the giants broke it up in the 5m, first posey with a drive over the wall an scutaro scores. negative the business hit of the inning, blanco found the gap in right center. they all came home and 3-run double gives the giants a 6-1 lead and four-run inning. bumgarner was sharp in seven innings. will be first, uggla. then justin upton. and then chris johnson all coming up empty, three of the bumgarner's 11 strike-outs and he got it done in the field, b.j. upton with the dribbler, from his knees bumgarner throws it out and allowed just four lits

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